Find your sparkle

Confidence is key. Preparing yourself for success isn’t in materialistic things, it’s finding your happiness within yourself. Everyday I thank God for the opportunities I’m blessed with. In order to fully take advantage of those opportunities you have to prepare for success. Finding your confidence is a true beauty in itself. One day you’ll realize that others people opinions are simply there own and have no regards to your own happiness. When you reach this feeling you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way. With the grave of God, his love and your faith anything is possible. God is the reason for the sparkle in my smile everyday. My hobby just happens to be in my arm candy. Arm candy is something only temporary and doesn’t actually bring long term joy. When you realize materialistic things don’t control the world, you can start focusing on the others around you.

 Be true. Be you.
{change your thoughts, change your world}

Yours truly,


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