SUNDAY {best day of the week}

People dread Sunday’s because it’s the day before the number one dreaded day of the week: Monday. Sunday’s are spent cramming in last minute homework and relaxing before the busy week to come. I’ve never dreaded Sunday’s. I feel the most renewed and productivity on Sunday’s. I start every Sunday morning with a little bit of Jesus and that’s what sets me up for my day. Every morning I try to remember why I’m so blessed and where I am today. Sunday’s are just the day I get to share that expression with so many others in one place.

CedarCreek Church in Findlay is a place I suggest for everything. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and no one is judged- we’re all there to do one thing: share God’s love. I highly encourage everyone to check it out. If you’re struggling with somethings or on top of the world, it’s so important to know God’s name and his love. Everyday my prayer ends with “Lord help me to be a light in a dark place to those that need it most.”

My boyfriend and I have been attending on Sunday’s when we are together and when we aren’t that lucky we watch it in our own cities online. We’ve also been reading the “Live it Out” version of Sunday’s services. It’s an awesome daily reading to help you aspire change and better yourself every single day. Seriously amazing and literally life changing.

Hope you enjoy this read and hope you truly check it out! God is great and works in mysterious ways! ❤️


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