top knot on top 

tried to rock the top knot today: wasn’t sure how it would hold up with my length and thickness of hair but I think we were successful

the trick to wearing the hairstyle, outfit, or makeup you aren’t sure you can rock is to be confident and never stop smiling: this key works because people don’t know whether or not you weren’t sure about something, they see the attitude and confidence you have while you just absolutely ROCK IT OUT 💋

advice: wear that Pinterest outfit you love but don’t know if you can pull it off, wing that eyeliner (darling, you can do it), and lastly, wear that bun on top of your head like you just don’t care💪🏼

as long as you’re smiling and on top of your own world no one can tear you down❤️

As always, be true and be you.


{bun on point or nah👌🏼👌🏼}  

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