healthy on a budget

My boyfriend and I are both in school and find it hard to keep a healthy lifestyle while not spending our entire life’s spendings. He has his own apartment at school, but I go to school so close to home that I get the previledge to live at home and save some money at the same time. This weekend we get to actually spend together so we planned tonight’s dinner. We wanted something inexpensive, healthy, and not time consuming: SHRIMP TACOS. This is one of our favorite to-go meals that is absolutely delicious.

Ingredients needed:

•shrimp 99-110 count $8.99

•cilantro $0.98

•taco cheese 2 for $5

•tortilla shells- generic brand $0.99

•paper plates (no clean up👍🏼)

SERIOUSLY LOVE {must try} dinner for two plus leftovers for only $16.00

•easy | simple | delicious | cheap•

let me know what you think, hope you fall in love 🍴

As always~ be true, be you.


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