sunshine in JANUARY☀️


{sixty-one degrees in January}


With the exception of watching the Liverpool game this afternoon, Jason and I spent the whole day outside👌🏼 fresh air is so good for the body and overall well-being 💪🏼❤️

Even if you’re in a small town there is always something to do outside {be creative} Call up a friend and find something to do! We got the chance to go to the driving range and hit some balls (yes, I picked up a club today) 😜 Unfortunately, Jason beat me in our putting contest; ice cream is on me tonight. 🤑 We made sure to get our workout in this evening and that too was outside. Three miles down with some unwanted hills included 💪🏼👟 and Jason even ran at my speed💁🏼

NOW DINNER TIME🍴 making chicken breast and chipotle-flavored noodles. Going to watch the CedarCreek service from home tonight, then BATMAN😍 (yes, we got a pint of ice cream for dessert  bought by the loser of the putting contest ME) ready to relax tonight before back to the grind of school, work and homework 📚

Point of today’s blog: find things that make you smile on a daily basis, you can’t expect happiness to show up one day. Everyday pursue steps that bring a smile to your face, before you know it those will become things you can’t live without. Those little steps will bring you long-term happiness that can’t be shaken. Don’t forget: change your attitude, and you’ll change your world.

Speak life, not death {PROVERBS 18:21}

Changing your attitude begins with the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the actions you make, and the people you associate with. Begin to find positive things in each of those and you won’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore. You’ll be better, you’ll reach your goals and dreams. Be that person. Change your life. 💪🏼

As always, <<BE TRUE. BE YOU.>>


  Jason wanted me to wear his jersey😘😘

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