conflict isn’t the bad guy

Life can’t expect you to be a rock star every single day of your life. Unexpected things pop up that alter our day, our attitude, our motivation, etc. It’s called like for a reason and you never know when things will come up. The most important thing to remember is that when these obstacles come up, it’s not a matter of controlling the situation, it’s controlling your reaction. God puts things in our lives for a reason, not because He wants bad things to happen to us, but because He knows we’re strong enough to handle them. Conflict is our lives is a good thing. Conflict creates opportunities for change, opportunities for new relationships, and opportunities for solutions. Could you imagine a movie with the major conflict scene? It’d be pretty boring and most likely turn out to be a bust in the movie industry…However, thankfully after those nail biting conflict situations, there is an answer. A solution. An opportunity. God knows we can handle anything life throws our way. He made us strong. He believes in us to do his work and great things for us and others around us.

As soon as you realize that you’ll never be able to control things in life, but that you have every ability to control your outlook, attitude, and physical response you’ll never look at life the same way again. Remember, you are strong and no one and no things can ever take that away from you. You are beautiful and have every ability to be a light in a dark place from someone who needs it more than you❤️ BE THAT LIGHT.

{once again, change your attitude, change your world}

Happy Monday from me to you. 💕💕

As always ~BE TRUE. BE YOU.~


From my closet: “style on a time crunch”

  • Hair thrown into a low bun
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Poncho
  • Ankle boots <FAVV>

That’s all it takes (yes I did put effort into winging my eyeliner, but that’s optional)💋💋💋


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