find the good in everyday

Today, I was under a little academic pressure with two exams and a presentation. With only Tuesday and Thursday classes, I get all the other days of the week to catch up on homework, work, etc. To be quite honest, I wasn’t looking forward to today at all. Of course after 7 hours of classes in one day, I work 6 hours and have to get my workout in as well. I can’t complain because I voluntarily do it and love keeping busy. However, I had caught a cold from this weekend and struggle not blowing my nose every five seconds. (yuckkkkk🙈)

I had gotten my two exams out of the way and felt pretty confident. (Corporate finance will be interesting…📚) I just had my presentation left and I went about that the same way I always do. The topic wasn’t too exciting, but got do what you gotta do. Anyways, at the end of the 45 minute presentation, the professor made her comments and arguments. She looked at me and said, “Ashley, the energy you brought to that presentation was inspiring.” I was a bit taken back as it was apparent I wasn’t feeling up to par and my voice was in and out from my cold. I immediately said “thank you!” and she kept talking about how I took charge and kept the energy spreading among everyone. (In NO means am I a good public speaker)

After class, I just kept thinking about how right my professor was. I preach it all the time, but sometimes in my own life I get caught up in other things. My professor noticed my energy and attitude I had that influenced everyone else in my group and classroom. You make impressions on people everyday of your life. Stop focusing on the future and make the most of what God has given you every single day. Someone is watching, and even if it goes unheard…YOU IMPACTED THEM.

So thankful for my professor, she completely changed my attitude for the day. Today, like everyday, is the day you are given to impact someone in someway. The small things count and a smile stretches miles beyond what you know.

{preach it until you get it, then never forget it}

••change your attitude, change your world••

Happy Tuesday, do something you didn’t do yesterday and don’t forget to SMILE❤️

As always <BE YOU. BE TRUE.>


Today’s breakfast was on the go: banana and shake (not much but DON’T SKIP IT)

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