Style: Athleisure 

Spent my day with my mom❤️ Ran some errands this morning and was fortunate enough to have lunch with my mom, Aunt, and grandma. I had to work the rest of the night, so I wanted my outfit to be comfy for my day, but CUTE. I went with the {ATHLESIURE} look. This look can alway be called: causal athletic. This look takes NO TIME AT ALL…literally five mins max and you’re on top of the world! Basically, I could be going to the gym…but I don’t want you to know that. 💁🏼💁🏼 (but I did go to the gym…just not in that outfit😂)


  • High Times 7/8th Lululemon leggings- Maroon
  • Gray A&F Longsleeves
  • All-Star Converse
  • Half bun
  • LOKAI bracelets

My healthy choices in eating and the little touches of my look made my energy level off the wall today. If something makes you feel good, your outlook will be positive as well. Don’t ever let somewhere tear you down. Very productive •Saturday• and felt motivated every second of my day.

LOVE YOUR LIFE! make the most of your everyday…you deserve it! 


happy Saturday everyone, 


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