CALLING ALL {family and friends}…it’s giveaway time!

Get ready for my first GIVEAWAY! So excited to see how this works out! I want to show some appreciation for all my {CURRENT} readers and followers; BUT I also want to invite new people to help share the love! Therefore…I’m going to be giving away a <<BRAND NEW LOKAI BRACELET>> if you aren’t familiar with these bracelets already- I attached their website below. Seriously, go check out this company AND “find your balance!” Contest ENDS the last day of February (see below for additional information).

What is Lokai all about?

How do I enter to win the bracelet?
Contest is easy to enter and step by step instructions are as followed:

  1. “Like/Share” this post with your friends through Social Media (this will enter you into the contest)…see step #2 to better your chances of winning!
  2. If you like my BLOG enough to become a “follower” subscribe to my Blog! All this means is that you will get e-mail notifications when I post on my BLOG. Instructions to become a “follower” of mine are listed below; doing this will get you a DOUBLE ENTRY in the contest giveaway.
    1. To “follow” my BLOG: go to my HOME PAGE on my blog
    2. Open the “follow” tab on the bottom right hand corner of my page
    3. Enter your e-mail address and press enter!
  3. After this, YOU ARE DONE! You have entered my contest! Now sit back and relax until the end of the FEBRUARY giveaway. ONE PERSON will be randomly drawn to win the bracelet.

The winner will be contacted at the end of FEBRUARY. All participates will be entered and the winner will be randomly generated for all fairness! Double Entry only increases your chances of winning! Proper information will be needed for shipping requirements, but ALL EXPENSES ARE ON ME, and you get your own Lokai bracelet! 🙂 …yayyyyy

Any questions? Contact me! All my information is on the “About Me” page of my blog.

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Thankful for each and every one of you!
As always, {BE TRUE. BE YOU}

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