Hopeful for Spring🌺🌺

It got up to 42 degrees today so I broke out a dress and converse. 👍 Love this time of year…end of winter starts to transition into spring. I know the cold weather is still on its way, but it brings us closer to SPRING. So a girl can dream!💕

What I’m wearing: 

  • Converse All-Star
  • Forever 21 Longsleeve Shift dress 
  • Aldo Infinity Scarf

{Simple but Sweet}

What can I say…how can your Monday be bad when you get a coupon for free CHIPOTLE?!😍😍  (forever grateful and never ashamed of my Chipotle endevours) 

My class-free Monday was spent at the gym, creating my lunch sandwich and some hours at work. I LOVE MY JOB❤️ Food for thought, if you don’t love what you do everyday you need to figure something else out. You should love your job or career and the people you get to be around! That’ll be a different discussion for a different day, but bottom line: you’ll NEVER be happy unless you enjoy the things in your daily life. 

Anyways, my workout was filled with cardio and upper body lifting. My cardio consiste of a two-mile run and one-mile walking on a 15.0 incline. Awesome cardio exercise for people who HATE RUNNING. You burn lots of calories, while specifically targeting your lower body (those rocking legs and boottttayyyyyyy👍). I included multiple sets of different upper body workouts, targeting my chest, triceps and biceps. STILL FEELING MY LEG DAY FROM YESTERDAY😭.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stretch at the end of your workouts! I try to end my workouts with some yoga stretches that focus on the muscles I concentrated on that day. RELIEVE SORENESS AND STRENGTH FLEXIBILITY💪💪

I made sure to have my serving of my protein shake. {Soy and whey protein are most beneficial for girls} COFFEE FLAVORED PROTEIN SHAKE…yasssss. 💋 Jason inspired me to come up with my own bagel sandwich creation. I made a “ashleynator” today (if you don’t get it read my blog from last weekend).  😂  It was pretty good if I do say so myself. You’ll see my creation below:

  • Onion Bagel toasted
  • Sliced homemade Cajun Chicken Breasts
  • Aged Cheddar cheese
  • Banana peppers
  • Jalapeño cream cheese 
  • Detox lemon water

{weird combination, but it’s all my favorites in one; BANANA PEPPERS= bae}

…anyways my day was a Monday well spent

As it is always important to: 


~thanks to a canvas wall decor hanging in my room

I hope you all had a blessed Monday and found at least one thing to be thankful for. What did someone bless you with today? Did you add value to someone else’s life today? Think about it. 

As always, don’t forget to <BE TRUE. BE YOU.>


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