How to: {TOP KNOT}

Struggling with the perfect bun for your top knot? Never in my life has it been easy to put my hair in a messy bun. Long and THICK hair is incredibly challenging to work with- WITHOUT BREAKING EVERY HAIR TIE IN YOUR BATHROOM DRAWER. That is exactly why I wanted to help those ladies out with a breakdown of my top knot for long and luscious hair.

Ok- let’s get started:
{all you need for this look is a hair tie, a couple of bobby pins handy, and finishing spray}

  1. To begin, lightly hairspray your flyaways and brush hair back with NO PARTING in hair
  2. Start to make your parting lines and even the line throughout top half of your hair
  3. Take your hair tie and pull hair halfway through and stop when you form a little bun (leave enough hair to allow you to wrap around the ponytail)
  4. Wrap ends of your hair around the bun and finish wrapping the hair tie around the full bun (trying to hide the hair tie)
  5. Mess with the full bun and spread out the hair in the bun, then choose some pieces to pin making the bun lay naturally
  6. With your bun how you want it, spray with finishing spray to finalize your top knot

You are now ALL DONE with your {top knot}- you are welcome to use your fingers to poof the front and play around with it (the messier the bun the BETTER)
Don’t forget: this look works well with wavy and curly hair NOT JUST STRAIGHT HAIR

Huge thank you to my featured model: Brenna! If she can rock a top knot with her kind of hair you can too! Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. I would love to hear from all of you!

As always, BE TRUE. BE YOU.


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