tips to get you loving {yoga}

I LOVE YOGA. I end every one of my workouts with a series of yoga stretches, holds, and inversions. Don’t get me wrong- it took me a whole semester in a actual yoga class to develop the flexibility and strength it takes to hold an inversion. However, DON’T WORRY your hard work and dedication will pay off!

Many people feel uncomfortable when they first start yoga. They may not understand some of the poses and feel as if they are doing them wrong. Don’t get discouraged! It is awkward- SO EMBRACE IT. Before you know it you’ll be standing on you head and all kinds of cool yoga stuff.

Here are six tips I found to be beneficial in finding my love for yoga and helping me STICK WITH IT!

  1. Buy a cute work out outfit that will inspire you get motivated! This may sound silly, but it will help motivate you to actually DO YOGA.
  2. Find a “yogi” partner: find someone with the same goal as you and hold each other accountable for success! (Yogi is just a cool term people call themselves when they practice yoga often)
  3. Find a place and time to practice! Your environment in yoga is a huge part of your practice and your attitude during your workout. Setting aside time to focus on yoga and only yoga is also helping you develop time-management skills.
  4. Practice!!! You get better with practice- just like any sport, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. You will want to, but try not to look around the room. Other people will be at different stages of their yoga practice than you; you are your own person and judge your success off your OWN GOALS not the others around you.
  6. HAVE FUN. Embarrass yourself. Laugh. Embrace the awkwardness! It is so important to have an open mind and be willing to put yourself out there. Do that and you’ll be so happy you did. Stepping out of your comfort zone will open your eyes to MANY things in life.

Hope you found these tips helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions you guys have for me! Let me know what you think and HAPPY PRACTICING.  {NAMASTE}

As always, BE YOU. BE TRUE.


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