how to: blanket scarf

I was in the process of picking out my outfit for my surprise Valentine’s Day dinner, when I found myself planning my outfit around a scarf. I love a comfy blanket scarf; there is just something about the feeling of a cozy blanket around your neck (even if it takes up the whole top half of your body). I have received several questions about how to correctly fold/wear a blanket scarf. There are TONS of different ways to do so; however, here is how I slim down this monster of a scarf, and make it a perfect accessory for any outfit.


  1. Completely unfold the scarf, creating a square.
  2. Fold one corner of the scarf to the opposing corner, creating a triangle.
  3. Gather the material into your fists, creating excess tails from your triangle.
  4. Bring scarf to neck (like putting on a bib), then wrap one on side behind your neck and allow to lay on opposite shoulder.
  5. Do the same to the other end of the scarf, allowing both ends to cross behind your neck and lay on the front of your shoulders.
  6. Tuck the ends under the front of the scarf and play around with the scarf until it is comfortable to your liking!


You can also use blanket scarves as a shaw. All you have to do is follow steps 1 & 2 from before (keep scarf folded into a triangle), then wrap around shoulders. Option is up to you whether to tie the ends, or causally let the scarf lay over your shoulders on its own. I have it paired with a simple black dress and a pair of ankle boots. If it wasn’t date night I would use my scarf to accessorize a simple v-neck, ripped skinny jeans, and ankle boots (more causal outfit but same concept). Very simple way to not get overwhelmed by a scarf, but still complete your outfit. {Best of luck accessorizing!}

Hope everyone has a great weekend! So lucky I got a surprise visit this weekend from Jason. He planned our Valentine’s Day with a reservation at Stix, in Findlay, and a surprise not yet told. Yay for date night, so grateful for me Valentine!

Happy Saturday~ let someone know how much you love them today, and how grateful you are to have them in your life.
As always {BE TRUE. BE YOU.}

S/O to my beautiful mother for being my photographer. Love you!

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