make planks fun with me {ABS}

WHO LOVES PLANKS?! I’d be lying if I said I did; however, planks are some of the most beneficial workouts for your WHOLE body. Planks engage every muscle in your body and really focus on killing those abs! Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer that abs are made in the kitchen. What you put in is what you get out! Nevertheless, PLANKS CAN BE FUN! Planks let you switch up your boring sit-ups and other standard ab exercises. GET FANCY WITH YOUR PLANKS! The more movement, the more muscles are being activated and engaged!

The video I attached has some killer interactive planks. When you engage in other exercises, while stabilizing yourself in a plank, you begin to work so many other muscles than just your abs! Today, I finalized my workout with some planks/ab exercises. My workout tonight focused on my chest and back- making these exercises a bit harder than normal.

My post-workout consisted of some relaxing yoga stretches, a chef salad, and protein shake {whey and soy Bolthouse}. KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS HEALTHY IN THE KITCHEN. You will RUIN any good workout if you put crap into your body! Keep it healthy, don’t waste your workout and hard work! I fall victim to this all the time- I’ve been only buying healthy grocery items and drinking LOTS OF WATER. (One healthy choice leads to a chain reaction…make healthy choices now and DON’T FEEL GUILTY LATER!)

Tip: when you think you are hungry- drink a bottle of water, it may solve your hunger problem. Your body can confuse dehydration with hunger! DRINK THAT WATER!

OK- attached is a glimpse of how fun planking can be when you mix it up a bit! Check it out and try it! You can do these at home…no gym or equipment required! Get to it y’all.

I hope you fall in love with making healthy choices! You’ll be so happy you did now and NOT LATER! Watch your attitude and happiness change with just a SINGLE WORKOUT!

Live it up and inspire someone else to take this journey with you! Happy Tuesday! Enjoy.
As always, BE TRUE. BE YOU…and be healthy!


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