Who else has no time left in the day to actually make a healthy breakfast or lunch? I don’t. It’s so easy to just run through the drive thru in between your busy schedule.

Meal prepping is setting aside just a chuck of time, before your week starts to prepare yourself with healthy alternatives during the week. It’s so easy (and FUN…in my opinion) PLUS it keeps your meals clean and “takeout” free! Picking up fast food absolutely kills your diet! So STOP, drop and MEAL PREP (see what I did there). 🙂 

Here is my morning prep before 8am classes…SUPER HEALTHY AND PROTEIN PACKED! 

Breakfast on the go:

GET {smoothie} WITH IT! I put all my ingredients together in the Ninja blender cups (also a “to-go” cup) the night before. In the morning, all that is left to do it mix it with the Ninja blender and YOU ARE DONE! Off to class I go. 

P.S.- if you are a college student or high school senior about to be in college…put this on your “must-have” list! So perfect for your time-crunched day! Highly recommend. 

Ok- now this is a versatile meal prep option. Buy a set of tuberware and your options are ENDLESS! This week my mom prepped garden salads- all that’s left to do from here is pick your dressing!

I took one to work for my lunch yesterday, and had one today for my post workout meal. I added a couple hard boiled eggs on the side and BOOM all done! 

Lunch on the go: 

These you can just keep in the refrigerator and eat when needed! Super easy & convenient! 

My advice- go try this with some of your favorite meals made at home! Prepare a few to stock you up for a week…then share it with me! I’d love to get some more ideas for myself, so experiment and let me know your favorites! 

Love hearing all the feedback and advice from you guys! Keep it up! Also, DON’T forget to keep sharing my post to win the LOKAI bracelet contest! 400 participants and COUNTING! 

Happy Wednesday!



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