what goes around comes around: light wash denim

The latest styles and trends today, aren’t making their first appearances. Who else has parents that remind them, “I had those when I was in middle school…” or “I didn’t like those 20 years ago, and I still don’t understand them now” (its not uncommon). It is true though, what goes around comes around.

I am a proud owner of L.L. Bean boots and no matter how many times my mom refers to them as “duck boots” I still love them. Will I regret that decision in 20 years? Maybe- but at least I can say they were trendy.

Another trend coming back around is: light wash denim. We haven’t seen too much light wash denim since the 90’s, and we have referred to that style as “outdated.” This is not holding true in recent trends studies. Open up a couple magazines while waiting in the check out line- the hot commodity this season is lighter washed denim. Even at Plato’s Closet, where I work, we take “Trend Test” and almost every pair of jeans in those test is lighter washed. In no way am I saying dark wash is out, it’s not, it’s just that light wash is gaining popularity quickly. Like it or not, it’s here for the season!

I found the perfect pair of light wash jeggings at Plato’s Closet {comfy, affordable, fit like a glove}. They are American Eagle brand, but so much more affordable at Plato’s. I highly suggest checking it out! I wore them twice this week, making two different outfits. The pair featured, does not have rips and frays down the pant legs; HOWEVER, that trend is super hot right now as well! The best part is that denim can be DRESSED UP or DOWN depending on the occasion. LOVE.

Check out my pictures below and how I wore them! There are obviously many more ways to pair them with outfits, and that’s my challenge to you all. Put your own flare in your outfit. I LOVE my scarves, so I rocked a scarf with my outfit. In the second outfit, I wore ankle boots- and we all know my love for those. ACCESSORIZE with what makes you happy! Create your own trend, why not?! Enjoy.

Happy Friday. {TGIF | am I right?}
Be true, and most importantly: be YOU.

Outfit One:

  • AE jeggings (Plato’s Closet: $15)
  • Forever 21 “Cali” shirt (Plato’s Closet: $10)
  • Blanket Scarf (Kohl’s: $14.99)
  • Converse All-Star (Shii: $25.99)

Outfit Two:

  • AE jeggings (Plato’s Closet: $15)
  • Victoria Secret Sweater (Plato’s Closet: $20
  • Forever 21 ankle boots (Plato’s Closet: $10)

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25


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