Work Hard Play Hard 

No this is not a fitness blog; however, I am going to share with you some of my favorite work outs every now and again (so yes- this is one of those times). 💪🏼

I am not anywhere near where I want to be fitness wise, but everyday I’m getting one step closer. The key is to realize you have NO ONE TO BEAT except…the person you were yesterday. 

I know finding time for the gym is difficult. Trust me. I’m working and going to school both full-time, but your busy schedule shouldn’t stop you.

I’m a huge fan of Planet Fitness because they are open 24/7. I don’t have to worry about what time the gym open or closes. Big factor when choosing the gym for you! I can work my exercise schedule into my everyday schedule- even if it is at 10PM on a Friday night.

Anyways- I wanted to share last nights core workout with you guys. I love finding NEW ways to use machines for different styles of workouts! (Hints why sometimes I go late at night so people don’t stare while I embarrass myself thru trial and error) 😂

Bottom line is to find something that makes you passionate to live a healthy lifestyle. For me, I know I have one off day a week, and the off day is PLANNED. So the other six days of the week, I have no excuse to not find my way to the gym. I’m simply holding myself accountable. Plus, the more I go to the gym, the more I love going to the gym (win:win).

Ok, so I attached my short little summary video of my core work outs that strengthen EVERY ANGLE on those abdominal muscles! Keep in mind: weights or no weights still VERY beneficial.

Featured Workouts:

  • One-legged Mountain Climbers
  • Extended Overhead Crutch
  • Lateral Rows
  • Side Leg Raises

Also, since it was 71 degrees yesterday, I took my yoga outside! That was only a success for about 15 minutes before the wind almost blew my yoga mat away. It was so nice getting outside and getting some fresh air. I’m looking forward to spring weather and taking some of my workouts outside. I love enjoying good weather while it’s here!

Hope everyone has a great end to their weekend- but most importantly, a BLESSED start to their week. Find something to be thankful for and kick start your week.
Happy Sunday.
“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25


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