Baby Got Back💪🏼

HELLO BACK DAY! I love working on my lats just as much as I love my morning lattes😍 obviously, a similar comparison! 

Yesterday was leg day and I’m feeling it hardcore! I tried to stay as far away from my legs as possible, before I had to crawl to the locker room (just kidding…kinda😂). As a result of that, today was back day! •also another big favorite of mine• 

I’ll let the videos explain most of the workouts- I’m a better visual learner than reader! I made sure to take my time and hold for three seconds after each rep. Now you can’t exactly tell because I sped up the video, but I put on heavier weight and focused on SLOW movements. Awesome for lighting up those back muscles! 🔥🔥 

Check out some of my workout and try it for yourself! Many common exercises, with my own twist to them👌🏼 plus a VERY SHORT yoga sequence to end.  

  • Front Lat Pull-Downs
  • Reverse Lat Pull-Downs 

3 SETS * 10 REPS

  • Weighted Pull-Down Rows
  • Knees to chests/elbows

3 SETS * 10 REPS

  • Two Arm Lat Pulley
  • One Arm Lat Pulley

3 SETS * 10 REPS

  •  Sun Salutation A 


Hope you learned something new or at least something worth trying! Ready for another productive day tomorrow in the gym! Slowing working towards my goals for myself & getting better everyday💪🏼 {PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY}. 
Push yourself. 

Ok- well that’s all I got for you guys today! I hope you liked it and try it out…you’ll feel the burn TRUST ME👌🏼

As always. BE TRUE. BE YOU. 


“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

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