Put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride. This post is meant to challenge your thoughts, but show you there is more to life then we think. I hope you enjoy, but also give me feedback. Love hearing your thoughts & what speaks to you the most. Ready. Set. Go.

You matter & you have the ability to choose how to respond to life every single day. This topic is something I am SO passionate about. What and how you look at challenges determines your success & overall happiness in this world. I am completely aware you don’t get to choose certain things in life, but you do have power to affect many of those things. 

You don’t get the power to control when you die, but you have control over how you spend the {days-hours-minutes-seconds} you are blessed with. You don’t get to control the family you are born into, where you grow up, or simply the weather outside. However, you DO have the power to control your attitude & response to every challenge, triumph & opportunity presented to you.

  1. You don’t always chose who is put into your life- but you can control how you let them impact you. It gets frustrating, I know; but it is SO important to realize God put those people in your life to make you stronger & learn from them {GOOD OR BAD}.
  2. You have the power to control who you fall in love with. Believe it or not it is true. You know what you want in life & where you want to be- therefore you choose who you want standing beside you along the way. Chose wisely because that person should be supporting you, not holding you back.
  3. You chose everyday where you put your money. Money is something that is earned as a result of work put into something. We are proud of that work & our money. We materialize our money. Money is simply a piece of paper & yet it basically controls our whole life. However, that is OUR choice. You have the physical control over your money. I am a HUGE believer that where you put your money, reflects your heart. I am so glad someone told me that at such a young age because I’ve seen money destroy lives and I’m only twenty years old. What you do with your money is something you CONTROL- so don’t let it control you.
  4. You CAN control your attitude every single second of the day. YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER THAT. You control your outlook. You control how you respond. You control what respect you demand from others. How you carry yourself, as well as respecting others is all something ONLY YOU have the power to control.
  5. You choose the day-to-day actions that control your future. You get to control who you SURROUND yourself with, how those people influence you, & the places you go. You only fail in life when YOU FAIL TO PREPARE. Preparation is key to success- but you have to PLAN to be prepared for your future.

When you know what you have the power to control you stop letting things control you. You’ve heard me say it once & you’ll hear me say it again: When you change your attitude, you start to change your whole world. You start reaching your goals, you start to become genuinely happy, & you start to become YOU.

I’m so passionate about leading a meaningful life & creating happiness everyday for myself and those around me. I hope you all have something that your heart is on fire for & never stops burning. Be that light in a dark place for the one’s that need it the most.

Happy Thursday everyone. Stay passionate. Follow your heart. Keep your attitude positive.
As always, BE TRUE. BE YOU.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25


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