Outfit Love & Goal Appreciation

It’s Friday Y’all! So this week I didn’t get the chance to wear any outfits except for gym clothes. Today, I was able to dive back into my closet for an outfit without leggings, a dry-fit tank & Nike’s.

{LOVEEE wearing athletic apparel, but missed my ankle boots}

Friday’s I don’t have classes, but I have an office day at work to take care of social media sites & prepare for the upcoming week. I started my day off with an iced coffee w/ soy milk from Starbucks & some sushi from Kroger that I saved for lunch. Trust me, best decision I made today! I got to wear normal clothes for about half the day, then found myself back at the gym in my athletic apparel. Nothing new.

I can’t complain because my perseverance is just starting to pay off! I stayed strong on all my goals from last week. The hardest one was listening to only positive music. I did it, but I realized how hard it is to find good, motivational music, that doesn’t degrade people or fill the mind with the ways of our society. Christian Hip Hop station did me GOOD! Love it!

On top of that, I was consistent in my workouts & taking my supplements. I took my amino acids, pre-workout, & protein shake everyday! Only a week in & I can tell the progress I’ve made so far!

Staying on top of your goals is hard, but it definitely teaches you a lot about yourself. I highly recommend not only thinking of your goals, buttt writing them down as well. Write them down somewhere you will see them everyday! You are so much more likely to accomplish them! Do it. Get to where you want to be & prove yourself that YOU CAN.

I’ll have my next week’s goals coming to you soon. I will be continuing only listening to positive music. I felt so much better after spending my day only allowing positive & motivating thoughts. Life changing.

Well hope you all ended the week safely & thankfully. I hope you enjoyed my outfit pictures & short recap of my weeks goals. I’m grateful for you all & my blog for keeping me accountable to complete my goals.

Have a good & safe weekend.
As always, BE TRUE. BE YOU.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

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