5-Star Review: KEE KEE TEES

Happy Monday everyone! If your reading this, I’m so happy you are taking time out of your day to browse my blog. THANK YOU. ❤

This post is just a short little review about a company I ordered a shirt from recently, Kee Kee Tees. I found this company on Instagram and I fell in love. I’ve browsed their website many times and I love all their products! Kee Kee Tees makes cute shirts with scripture and Godly quotes on them. They are super modern/hipster and you can do so much with a simple graphic tee. LOVE.img_0561

I know $36-52 for a shirt is pretty expensive for a college student. Am I right? However, I always keep an eye out for sales! Last week, I saw they were having their Spring Sale and everything was 40% OFF! Yup- you can already guess I was all over that. I paid $25 total (shipping included) for my shirt and I have no problem paying that for something that will help physically advertise my faith.

I ordered my long awaited shirt and FELL IN LOVE. ❤ The quality of the material and making of the shirt itself is amazing. I love their little logo on the bottom of the shirt! So hip. I highly suggest you follow this little company, and watch for their sales!

I received my shirt the other day, but along with my shirt came a cute little personalized letter. I’ve already told you the price and quality; however, my favorite part is the letter. As a marketing major, I understand the value behind this personalized letter. It made me feel like a valued customer. My order mattered to that company. I will definitely be a repeat customer to Kee Kee Tees. 

Easily a 5-star experience with Kee Kee Tees. Check them out on Instagram! I uploaded my picture on Instagram when I wore my shirt yesterday so check my page out too!


Thanks for reading, as you can tell I loved my shirt! I hope you all have a blessed week.
God is Good.

Remember to find the good in everyday. Love you all.
As always, Be True. Be You. 

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25img_0430


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