Happy May: Monthly Goals


hello may

Good Afternoon Loves. We’re now a couple days into May and I’m so excited to be done with my sophomore year of college. This summer, I wanted to take some time to myself to relax and refocus on some of my goals.

Life gets super busy, I know. After an entire school year taking 18 credit hours, working full-time, and everything else I try to squeeze into a day: I am ready to relax. I wanted to make it a point to share my May goals with you all. I’m been trying to share my goals consistently because it helps me stay accountable, but also track my accomplishments, challenges, and struggles.

Okay, so for May, my first month of summer- I wanted to make sure my goals were still SMART goals. I wanted them to be short, simple, but also pushing me to become closer to the young lady I aspire to be. That being said, my list of goals for myself is listed below. 🙂

May Goals:

  • Continue to grow my faith. Be involved with CedarCreek. Find new ways to grow my faith. Spend time praying and in my bible daily. Be light in a dark place, for the people who need it most. 
    • My prayer, “God use me for your good. Open my eyes beyond my own needs/wants.”
  • Make it a point to have “me” time.
    • I will be traveling in May to Phoenix for Plato’s Closet Conference, yes that’ll be for work; however, I plan to do some much needed relaxing while I’m there.
    • Gym time= “me” time
    • Weekend visits when able to my other half in Cincinnati ❤
  • If I don’t have any value to add, my input is not needed.
    • Drama thrives on people investing their own time and energy. My goal is to stay out of unneeded drama. I cannot show God’s love through my actions, words, and lifestyle, if I am surrounding myself with darkness.
  • Continue my hard work in the gym and kitchen.
    • Allowing myself one cheat meal a week
    • 6 days in the gym, 1 day off
    • Read labels, know what I’m putting into my body
  • Do more things that make me happy.
    • I always worry about working, making money, getting in the hours. I sometimes forget that I’m only 20 years old and someday, my time won’t be so flexible.
    • Spend time with friends & family
    • Travel, explore, & do new things.

Five goals. That’s it. Pretty easy right?! Well it isn’t all that simple, but writing them down is one thing. Having your goals somewhere you see everyday is another. Focusing on them, self-disciplining, and reminding yourself of your goals will help you attain them that much faster.

Okay, now your turn. Choose the things most important to your heart, write them out, and become the best version of yourself.

Love you all. I know you can do it. Hard work never goes unrecognized.

Happy Wednesday.
As always, Be True. Be You.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25img_1802


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