50 Remedies for a Long HOT Summer

Happy Tuesday. I had such an exciting weekend! My “not so little” brother GRADUATED. He is very excited himself. He will be attending Mount St. Joseph in the fall to golf for the MSJ Lions (rawrrr). I’m ridiculously happy for him & can’t wait to see what God has in store for him. 

As all the graduates of 2016 begin to kickoff their summer of freedom, I wanted to leave you with a list of key factors to a successful summer. This list is absolutely not researched, rather all my bias opinions on how to enjoy you summer in the sun.

Everyone looks forward to summer, SCHOOL IS OUT. However, I see tons of discouraging comments about how “lame” everyone’s summer was going back into the school year. I’m going to simply make a list of little things to bring me instant joy on my summer days.

  1. Go to church.
  2. Spend time with God.
  3. Sing loud and proud ALL THE TIME.
  4. Start a devotion.
  5. Drink tons of coffee.
  6. Join a bible study.
  7. Learn to love something you once disliked.
  8. Enjoy the sun.
  9. Find cool friends to spend time with.
  10. Take time off of work to explore, take a trip, go on an adventure.
  11. Work, but not too much- just enough to have some spare money for spontaneous activities.
  12. Dive into a good book.
  13. Workout. Run. Lift. Yoga. Do it.
  14. Eat fantastic food (hint: workout so you can eat yummy food.
  15. Eat pizza. Enjoy it.
  16. Eat ice cream. Lick the bowl.
  17. Take pictures.
  18. Buy more storage on your phone to take even more pictures.
  19. Have lazy days.
  20. Allow yourself to sleep in every now and again.
  21. Have campfires.
  22. Eat smores.
  23. Lay by the pool…a lot.
  24. Get in the pool.
  25. Even get your hair wet.
  26. Grill out.
  27. Get out of the house.
  28. Try something new everyday.
  29. Spend a day in bed.
  30. Spend a day watching movies all day.
  31. Have homemade pizza nights.
  32. Love something enough to make it a habit.
  33. Jason wants you to go to the shooting range (whatever you say bae).
  34. Be responsible. Always.
  35. Go to a baseball game. Inexpensive date night idea.
  36. Go on a date.
  37. Save money…it is good to be financially smart.
  38. Reward yourself. After you set money aside for savings, budget something for yourself. You deserve it.
  39. Get your nails done.
  40. Get your hair done.
  41. Go shopping.
  42. Wear cute outfits.
  43. Get out of the state.
  44. Visit the beach.
  45. Start a garden.
  46. Go to the park.
  47. Take time to yourself.
  48. Sacrifice your time to do something to make someone else happy.
  49. Go out of your way to bless someone else.
  50. Pray & know God has everything in his control.

50 little, self-explanatory tips to help you make this summer the best summer.Easy & very doable. Just remember, spend time with the ones who make you happy, and bring you closer to the person God has lead you to be. Surround yourself with Godly influences and observe the happiness overwhelm your life.

Can’t wait to see what everyone is taking on this summer. I wish you the most happiness with lots of sunshine and blue skies.

Until next time, Be True. Be You.
God is good.❤️

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25



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