5 Fun Ways to Use Your Vacation Days

Summer calls for fun in the sun & vacations to the beach. Who doesn’t love taking a few days off from your everyday life & getting to have sand between your toes.

Vacation time is given in most occupations because TIME-OFF IS IMPORTANT! Even employers believe a few days off to refresh your mind & get out of town is a GOOD thing for you, as well as your performance at work.

The two most common excuses people use to skip out on taking those vacation days are the belief of lack of time & total costs associated with traveling.

Smart vacationing is possible! If a week luxurious, all-inclusive vacation isn’t in the picture (which for the average person isn’t possible) try a ROAD TRIP! Get your friends together & take a weekend trip camping, hiking, or go to the lake!

Whatever you do & wherever you go, go with the people that make you happy, relax, and take pictures along the way. Get creative!

I have some suggestions for all you people who would love some days off, but have no idea what to do and where to go. Also, for all you people who need creative get-a-ways on a budget, I’ve got you covered!

5 Summer Get-a-Ways (low cost, extra fun):

  1. Pack a bag & cooler. Find some friends. Drive to the lake. Listen to good music. Split gas money. Share memories. Take pictures.
  2. Go to the beach. Find a decent hotel on Groupon. Pack your beach bag. Appreciate the sand in your toes & salty hair. Eat at least one meal consisting of seafood. Relax. Create memories.
  3. Go hiking. Pack a backpack. Pitch a tent. Wander the wilderness. Watch out for poison ivy. Explore God’s beauty in nature. Enhance your fitness & health. Learn to live outside your daily busy life.
  4. Go visit family & friends outside your city. Find an excuse to leave town. Whether it’s an hour drive or a 12 hour drive…do it. Plan a pizza & movie night, go to a water park, pool, or zoo. A weekend away will do you wonders.
  5. Roller coasters, rides & food OH MY! Go to an amusement park! If you live in OHIO take a trip to Cedar Point or Kings Island. Soak up the sun. Laugh a lot. Step out of your comfort zone. Embarrass yourself & tell the story a million times on the way home (it’ll never get old).

My best advice to you is to find time to devote to yourself, your family, or your friends. The quality of life isn’t just based on the number of hours you work and the amount you make. The quality of life includes social time spent appreciating all your hard work the other 51 weeks of the year.

Get out & be happy. Relieve some stress & find yourself. You won’t regret the memories & the stories you’ll create along the way. When you come home, appreciate the time you had, but bust your booty so you can continue to have allocated time to just do you.

Until next time, Be True. Be You.
God is good.❤️

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

4 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways to Use Your Vacation Days

  1. This post helped me to understand the importance of down time, which I feel like I never have enough of haha I literally got so excited when you mentioned Cedar Point! I love it there. 💜

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