Dressing Up Is Fun: 11 Days Of Outfit Fun

Happy Tuesday!

Spend time with God in the morning. Read your favorite scripture. Pray in the car. Find time to fit the most important things in your daily life. You’ll be feeling your best inside & out. God is good & wants to work His wonders in your life…so let him.

My advice to you is to learn to love getting ready in the morning. Think of this time as time to yourself. Most mornings my “getting ready” time takes only about 30 minutes. Whatever time you have, praise God, wear cute outfits, curl your hair & be your kind of beautiful. When you do, you’ll find yourself being your best & performing life your best.

Love Jesus. Serve others. Tell the world about Christ. 
Enjoy 11 days worth of outfits from my closet.
Get Creative | Find Yourself | Love Yourself

Until next time, Be True. Be You.
God is good.❤️

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

9 thoughts on “Dressing Up Is Fun: 11 Days Of Outfit Fun

  1. Not only do I love all your outfits but I also love what you’ve said in the beginning. So important to take time for yourself, dress up. Things I haven’t been doing

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