Welcoming Fall & Welcoming Boot Weather

Hello fashion lovers! Is anyone else in disbelief that October is almost over?! On a good note, Christmas is only nine weeks away- 9 WEEKS! Crazy.

As the weather is cooling and the leaves are changing colors, the fall outfit options keep growing. This is my favorite time of year! Summer is fun and all, but fall and winter are my preferred seasons of choice.

Anyone else hate being HOT?! I do. I’m that person that never turns the heat on in the winter and my bedroom is always a solid 68 degrees. I would much rather add layers and bundle up under TONS of blankets. (amen?)

So when I say I LOVE this weather and this time of year, you know how serious I am (for real). Boots are my bestfriend: rain boots, ankle booties, rider boots, heels, no heels, etc.

I’m here to show you how many different types of outfits you can wear boots with this time of year! The options are just about endless! READY? Set GO!


Boot Socks are a must! Add a poncho or scarf to any basic dress, a belt, and there you go!
Fall weather ready.


Tall boots vs. Ankle booties? YAS. Both are HOT, HOT, HOT this season!
Sweater dress or business casual outfits, yes boots will work!


Dressing up an outfit or rocking out a graphic tee and jeans? Yup, boots are the answer.


Preppy prep outfit made possible by 1) boot socks & 2) tall boots. Hallelujah.


The newest addition to my closet, these heeled-tall boots.
Add a vest, flannel, and a smile & your outfit is complete.

There you have it! Boot heaven! Learn to love fall weather and trends! Layering, boots, and flannels will become your bestfriend. Ankle booties and myself go together like fall weather and football (football is one more reason why Fall is the best).

Still need help advice or help picking out outfits? Message me! I’d love to help! Come see me at work (Style Encore- Findlay, OH) or tag me in picture!
I’d love to see your favorite fall fashion trends!

Wishing everyone a great ending to October!

Until the next #OOTD
Be True. Be You.
God is good.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

Love, Ash

3 thoughts on “Welcoming Fall & Welcoming Boot Weather

  1. Every month I get so excited waiting to see what you’ll blog about next. I love your advice and I am excited to revamp how I wear boots this fall season. XO.

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