Off the Face of the Earth

Hi Friends!

Well I’m back on the face of the earth after almost a TWO YEAR break!! As you can imagine, I have SO much to update you on…

First off, I’M A COLLEGE GRADUATE! Woohooo!! After three and a half years, 18+ credit hours per semester, and working full-time; I did it (…debt FREE). I graduated in December 2017 from the University of Findlay with a bachelors degree in Marketing. I am also happy to say that I have been successfully adulting for the last six months.


Second, Jason and I are HOMEOWNERS (told you I was adulting successfully). On a real note, SO happy to not be three hours away from Jason anymore! Now when I need to see my best friend, I simply walk into the living room.


Homeowning has been quite the adventure, but nevertheless, having  your own space to call home is something I cherish daily. The last thing I am going to update you on is something you will already know if you follow me on social media.

I have the world’s cutest fur babies: Miss Kono girl and Miss Annie Jo. Last March, Jason surprised us all when we brought home a baby Husky named Kono (named after Kono from our favorite show, Hawaii Five-O). This is when the adventure started of owning a pup. Kono was the definition of a crazyyyy pup: always sassy, endlessly hyper, destructive chewer and everything in between…but just the sweetest pup. Come November, Jason and I thought we were ready to expand the fam with another sweet angel, Annie Jo.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

Our decision to get another pup originated when Kono started acting out. We started researching ways to help this behavior and all we kept reading was that Huskies do better with a companion. Well our thought was “go big or go home” *hint hint* Annie Jo is a Saint Bernard. Man oh man, is she everything I wanted in a pup (and no she does not drool all over).

Kono is very much a “daddy’s girl” but Annie Jo is “anyone’s girl.” Annie Jo loves all cuddles, she does not discriminate. She has no idea how large she is, she will plop her 100 lbs self right on your lap just to be as close as possible to you. After raising a pup like Kono, Annie Jo was a breeze! It doesn’t take much to impress Annie Jo, she’s just happy to see her food, take multiple naps a day, snuggle and take up half of our queen sized bed (seriously).

We are happy, healthy and I’m glad to be back blogging. I hope you stay tuned for all the home projects, DIYs, #OOTDs and all the other content I have to share with you in the upcoming posts.

Until next time, head over to my Instagram page and follow for daily content (@ashleyovermyer).

Be True. Be You.
God is good.
Love, Ash

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25



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